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Magic sheet(Poster-Proof)

Better make a Poster-Proof surface than monitoring for posters!
There has been a dramatic improvement in the recent city development. Keep-the-city-beautiful policy is an essential part of the city development and has been drawing much attention. Authorities and the owners of structures have been trying to advance the measures to prevent billposting, but have not gained a desirable result. There are still many bill-posters which spoil city scenery and may cause various problems. Aiming to contribute to the development of a clean and comfortable city environment, our company is developing and selling poster-proof sheets named 'Magic sheet,' which can be very effective in stopping billposting. 'Magic sheet' is available for electric poles, sign poles, street lights, crossover bridges, power distribution lights, power distribution panels, generators and other items according to the customers' demands.

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The specification table and color samples of 'Magic sheet'

Color samples >
You can make the sheet unobtrusive by selecting a color similar to the surface of the structure.
The specification table >
The sizes are different according to the colors. The width includes 50 mm tabs(with level surface) for sticking.

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Mounting instructions for 'Magic sheet.'

<Mounting by double-stick tape>

About ’Magic sheet' (Poster-Proof)

'Magic sheet' has good exterior durability and keeps away any type of flyposters.
  1. Poster-Proof 'Magic sheet' is the product developed for preventing from posting bills on public properties such as electric poles. The product is made mainly of vinyl chloride resin and adds to campaign to prevent billposting by embossing the surface. Made of materials with excellent durability, the product is suitable for long-term outdoor use.
  2. The surface profile of the sheet creates a flaking effect with time after billposting. The billposting preventing effect can last for a long time without aging.
  3. ’Magic sheet' has flexibility properties which protect the object from outside impact and enable the sheet to be mounted around a curved surface such as that of a pole.
  4. 'Magic sheet' is available in a variety of colors. You can choose from any colors matching the poles and impart a cheerful atmosphere to the city.
  5. Reflective 'Magic sheet' has, along with the billposting prevention effect, an excellent effect in preventing crashes into road structures by increasing night time visibility with its reflective material, which will contribute to reducing traffic accidents.
  6. Printing on 'Magic sheet' can work as a disaster prevention sign for reminding and guiding people in case of disaster, as well as an information sign about tourist attractions. The product can be helpful for both local residents and tourists.

Multifunctional 'Magic sheet' is contributing greatly to the development of beautiful and comfortable cities by being used on electric poles, traffic signals, sign poles, crossover bridges, and etc. It can achieve a significant effect on billposting prevention.
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