We are pioneers in the development of Poster-Proof sheets


The company was founded in 1962 under the name of Nihon Sokuchi(geodetic) Co. Ltd. The majority of its business involved the survey of the site for construction of high-voltage power plants or dams.
In 1967, we developed ’Magic Sheet,' which can prevent sticking and in 1973, we altered the corporate name to Nissoku Corporation The sales of the newly developed 'Magic Sheet' became the major business of the company along with the land survey.
Contributing to the city beautification project, the product is being used on street lights, footbridges, and marker posts that Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Ministry or municipal governments own, as well as on the telephone poles NTT and other electric industries own.
We are willing to supply the products useful for society, and we strive to achieve the goal of making comfortable living environments.

■Other businesses
- Sales of hardened vinyl chloride pipes
- Posters and graffiti-proof clear coating
- Billposting preventing and graffiti-preventing clear sheets
- Highly durable floor sheets
- Floor protecting sheet, Sound-proofing sheet which prevents traffic noise, Antiskid sheet
- Interior floor wax
- All kinds of printing on acrylic nameplate