We are pioneers in the development of Poster-Proof sheets

Magic sheet(Poster-Proof)


Instead of cleaning up posters,
prevent postering in the first place!


Something remarkable stands out in today’s urban development. To keep a city clean and beautiful, local governments and property owners need to meet many requirements and pay careful attention to a host of details, which includes keeping neighborhoods free of posters. However, despite their best efforts, the problem of unsightly posters persists. Postering continues to significantly mar the beauty of neighborhoods and has many kinds of harmful effects.

To solve the postering problem, beautify neighborhoods, and create positive living environments, Nissoku Corporation has developed and marketed Magic Sheet: a product specifically designed to rid neighborhoods of unsightly posters.

Thanks to Magic Sheet’s anti-adhesive surface, neighborhoods are transformed into the bright and beautiful environments they were meant to be. The many benefits of Magic Sheet make a major contribution to creating more beautiful cities.

Magic Sheet features

  1. Prevents postering
    Even if someone tries to attach a poster to Magic Sheet with tape or an adhesive, it soon peels off.
    This is because posters cannot stay attached to Magic Sheet’s rough and uneven surface.
    Its effectiveness is semi-permanent.
  2. Magic Sheet closely fits the atmosphere created by the color of telephone poles, bridge columns, lampposts, and other surfaces, to complement the look of a neighborhood
    Magic Sheet is made in colors that resemble the kinds of public and private property that are targeted by postering, and so it is inconspicuous and does not appear out of place. In fact, it makes neighborhoods look better. It can also be provided in the same colors as these surfaces.
  3. Outstanding weather and fire resistance prevents alkali, seawater, heat, and other damage
    Magic Sheet features specially processed plastic materials that prevent damage by oxygen alkaline solutions, salt water, and other natural hazards. Magic Sheet is also fire resistant, to prevent the spread of fires due to carelessly discarded cigarettes and the like.
  4. Insulated materials make Magic Sheet safe
    Magic Sheet has high-voltage-resistant insulation that prevents electric shock.
  5. Protects the target surface
    Magic Sheet’s flexibility protects the target surface from external impacts.
  6. Safe for passersby
    Magic Sheet’s flexible surface reduces the danger of causing scrapes or other injuries to passersby.
  7. Affordably priced and easy to apply
    Magic Sheet is both affordably priced and very easy to apply, making it highly economical.

Reflective Magic Sheet

As part of the effort to prevent traffic accidents in increasingly dense cities and on ever more congested streets, we developed a reflective Magic Sheet at the request of the police and other public authorities. In addition to preventing postering, the reflective Magic Sheet improves nighttime visibility and is exceptionally effective at preventing collisions with roadside objects.
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Main uses of Magic Sheet

One of Magic Sheet’s many features is its incredible versatility. It can be applied to anything that could serve as a surface for attaching posters, such as power poles, traffic signal poles, traffic sign poles, streetlamps, power distribution towers, pedestrian bridges, guard walls, the walls of public facilities, and so on. By making a community’s anti-postering efforts much more effective, Magic Sheet makes a great contribution to a more beautiful and pleasantly livable neighborhood.
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School zones

Nissoku’s Magic Sheet has been adopted for school zone signs all over Japan.
It is remarkably effective at reducing traffic accidents involving children.
Magic Sheet’s excellent flexibility also means that it poses no danger to children who come into direct contact with it.